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August 2007

Basic Computing


Special Characters

This was the FIRST ever article written for the “Your Canvey” Magazine. It covered Basic Computing, use of the Mouse and how to type Special Characters like ½ or the Euro

for instance.

September 2007


Attach a Photograph

Windows Explorer

File Extensions

Attaching a Photograph in E-Mail

Selecting Photographs etc stored in your “My Pictures” Folder

Windows Explorer - Viewing the “3 Character” File Extensions .DOC .XLS .PDF etc

October 2007


Receive a Photograph

Create NEW Folders

View as a Slideshow

Receiving a Photograph sent to you by E-Mail

Saving Photographs etc into you “My Pictures” Folder

Creating a NEW FOLDER

View Pictures as a Slideshow

November 2007

All-In-One Printers

Inkjet Cartridges

Save Money

Windows Explorer

A look at the All-In-One Inkjet Printers (Printer/Photocopier/Scanner)

Inkjet v Laser Printers; Cost of Inkjet Cartridges

Recycling your Paper; Print Double-Sided

Quickly find Windows Explorer on your Menus/Desktop

December 2007


Last Post

Christmas Cards

Using E-Card Sites WITH CAUTION

Missed the “Last Post” - Send an Electronic Christmas Card

(Using “Friends Of The Earth” and “The Canadian Bible Society” Web Sites to send an E-Card)

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