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Useful Links

Web Sites of interest to Computer Club Members

Digital Unite (DU) brings digital literacy to Britain's older people – every day. DU is Britain's specialist in Digital Inclusion for Older People.
Note: You need to Register your eMail Address with them to get the benefit of Free Tutorials etc BUT don’t worry, they’re good & safe!

A few Links to FREE Computer Training Tutorials

Courtesy of the BBC, Dell, Microsoft and few others .... ALL GOOD STUFF TO BROWSE THROUGH and PRINT OUT to keep for reference

Citizens Advice Bureau

Got a problem? .... Find your nearest Citizens Advice Bureau and pop in for sound/discreet advice on a whole range of problems you might be having to cope with

Checkout local petrol prices near you - SAVE MONEY!

Note: You need to Register your eMail Address with them to get the full benefit - set yourself up with a second eMail Address using Google or Hotmail and give them that  .... JUST TO AVOID POSSIBLE JUNK MAIL later on!

Over 50’s Health & Well Being

Keep yourself  fit and healthy; put your mind at rest with useful advice OR Contact NHS Direct in an emergency!

https://www.gov.uk .... Please Note that this was formally DIRECT.GOV
This is the new place to find government services and information replacing Directgov and Business Link - Simpler, clearer, faster: (Get a Tax Disc; Passport Fees; Council Tax bands; Housing and Local Services; Benefits; etc)

BT Directory Enquiries

Find a Phone Number WITHOUT paying excessive charges for the privilege!

Type in a question/problem and find out what you can do about it? …. Well worth Adding to your Bookmarks/Favorites for future use!

Once you go into the Web Site you can Download the App for it!