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Christmas 2020

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Christmas Newsletter 2020
Night in at the Theatre; Annoying Windows Message;
BBC Sounds; Windows10 Custom Text Size; iPAD Searches;

Facebook Unfriending

Easter 2020

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Easter Newsletter  2020

Corona Virus Info/Help; A Night IN at the Theatre; Sending a Card
by POST; Microsoft Office 2016 End Of Support; old eMail Addresses

being charged for?!; My Whoop Whoop Screen Cleaner;

Feeling isolated?; WW2 Type handy tips to eke out your supplies

Winter 2019

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Winter Newsletter  2019

Christmas eCard; 2019 will soon be History;  Tech Support Scams;

Planning Applications; Windows7 End Of Support; Mattress matters;

Keep Well (Every Mind matters)

Winter 2018

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Winter Newsletter  2018

Contactless Credit Card/Christmas Scams; Word Games; Connect

to TV; Mobile Phone won't charge; Some Christmas Stuff

Autumn 2018

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Autumn Newsletter  2018

Displaying the Calculator; Cleanipedia; Flowercards; Kindle Reader;

Navmii App; Playing a CD/DVD; MayDay MayDay

May 2018

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May Newsletter  2018

GDPR; SDD's; Nostalgia; iPAD/iPhone Bits; Emoji's;

Mobile Phone Connection Problems; Let there be light!

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