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PC Senior Newsletters

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Winter 2018

Adobe PDF File

Winter Newsletter  2018

Contactless Credit Card/Christmas Scams; Word Games; Connect

to TV; Mobile Phone won't charge; Some Christmas Stuff

Autumn 2018

Adobe PDF File

Autumn Newsletter  2018

Displaying the Calculator; Cleanipedia; Flowercards; Kindle Reader;

Navmii App; Playing a CD/DVD; MayDay MayDay

May 2018

Adobe PDF File

May Newsletter  2018

GDPR; SDD's; Nostalgia; iPAD/iPhone Bits; Emoji's;

Mobile Phone Connection Problems; Let there be light!

Autumn 2017

Adobe PDF File

Autumn Newsletter  2017 (November)

What’s going on; Charging your Mobile Phone; Better Safe Than Sorry;

Keyboard Mysteries; Tablets; Over 50’s Health & Wellbeing

April 2017

Adobe PDF File

April Newsletter  2017 (Easter)

Easter Stuff; Seeing the light in Telford; New Laotiop Battery;
Encyclopedia Salesmen; On-Line Buying; New Mobile Phone;

Over 50’s Health & Wellbeing

December 2016

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December Newsletter  2016

Last posting dates for Christmas;  Round Robin Time; All I want
for  Christmas is ….; A burning desire;  PARTIAL PRINTING

September 2016

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September Newsletter  2016

Windows10 Chat; AtoZ Route Plans; Using your iPAD/Tablet Camera;
Cooking up a fuss

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