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Print Your Own Christmas Card

Sending a Christmas Card:

You can’t beat the personal touch - Choosing a card to suit each person you are sending it to; Printing it yourself on A4 Paper; Folding it & Signing it personally (Just to show off your skills!)

Click the Picture you like and Download the Card as a .PDF File (Adobe Reader) and ENJOY Printing & Folding it!

OR .... For a simple “PC Senior” ANIMATED Christmas Message

Just send someone an eMail telling them to look at the following Web Link .... Have a look yourself as well!

Just type it exactly as part of your eMail Message and it will, when you press the <Return> Key, be underlined in Blue. They can then just Click on it to View the Christmas Card and our Christmas Message for the year!

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A Christmas Card with a Christian Children's story “The Christmas Mouse”

A Christmas Card with a few general Christmas Quotes

A PC Senior Christmas Card with a few Funny? Computer Jokes


ExmasCard.pdf PCSeniorChristmasCard.pdf