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Introduction to Windows 7 or 8

If you have just moved up from Windows XP or Windows Vista then this is a well worth session for you to get to know the subtle differences and make use of the new features available to you in Windows 7 or 8


Customisation/Getting Started with your New Laptop!

Customising Your Desktop .... the session will include “Tweaking” your Desktop Layout/Font Sizes for easy reading, ensuring you have a usable Office Programme (Word processor/Spreadsheet),

Setting up your eMail AND a general introduction to your Computer & the Internet to get you up and running!


Introduction to YOUR Office Programme(s)

An introduction to your Office programme(s) .... i.e. Your Word processor & Spreadsheet
The session will be built around YOUR Office programme OR we will install one for you free of charge

(Just let us know whether you have Microsoft Works; Microsoft Office 2003/2007/2010; or Open Office so we can provide you with the right Worksheets).


Introduction to the Internet & eMail

Setting up your Home Page & using your Favourites/Favourites Bar; Learn how to Search, Find and Enjoy looking at Web Sites. Also, learn the basics of using eMail to contact friends & relatives.  


FACEBOOK Setup & Introduction

Set yourself up on Facebook and keep in touch with Family/Friends; Learn the Basics and how to share your News/Photos on-line.


SKYPE Setup & Introduction

Make FREE phone calls Home/Abroad using your Laptop & Broadband Connection. Let us know if you do not have a built-in Web Cam/Microphone (We will price one for you and bring it along)


Learn how to use your new KINDLE eReader

If you’ve just got a new Kindle eReader, let us take you through the basics of using it and downloading new books (Free ones/Paid for ones)


E-BAY Buying & Selling  

Shop around on ebay. Learn how to get the most from Buying & Selling items. How to “Watch” items, and make successful bids for Auction Items OR just “Buy It Now!”


IPAD Setup & Intro

If you’ve just got a new IPAD, let us take you through the basics of setting it up & getting to use it.

We can also advise on setting up an ePrinter for it OR Linking it to your iPhone


Book your personal Training Slot in the convenience of your own home for just £30 (Per 1½ Hour session)
(Each session includes your FREE PC Senior Worksheet i.e. Your Homework)


If you missed out on the last “Digital Photography For Fun” Workshop then here’s your opportunity to cover the Course in the comfort of your own home with a 1to1 Training Slot or INVITE A FRIEND and share the cost .... Special Price £50 Per 3hr Workshop (Including Workbook & all the Software required)