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Lucky Dip

Web Sites we have visited, for one reason and another, mostly for FUN!

(Please let me know if any of them are no longer Live!)  OR

Do you Love it or Hate it? Cast your Vote just for fun

BUT you will have to give them your eMail Address (Is that asking for Junk Mail???)

Find the meaning & origin of a well know phrase or saying

Did you know Milk is good for you??? Upload your own Photo and

Add a Milk Tash just for fun!

The King’s  Official Web Site

The Queen’s  Official Web Site

Mushrooms Make Sense

Contact your local council department about your problem

(Report potholes; abandoned cars etc)

The Web Site of a well known chocolate bar

Good bit of fun with a few Games/Crosswords/Sodoku

Why wait until your in the Dentist/Doctors for a good read? Checkout  “Fun & Games”

Look for “Word Power” and click “Play”  .... then Scroll Down and “Play For Fun”

Finally, Click on “Start Playing” (Your Score will include a Time Bonus if you’re quick!)