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New Members of our 50+ Computer Group often ask “How do you know when to Left-Click your Mouse once or when to Double-Click it?”
and, for that matter, “When do you Right-Click it?”

The answer is usually a bit of mumbled stuff followed by “You just get to know!”

But that’s not much help is it! So, I promised to sit down and write down a few GENERAL Guidelines.

Double Left-Click
If you want to open one of the progams displayed on your Desktop (the initial screen you get having switched on) then just Double Left-Click on the appropriate Picture (Known as an Icon).

Note: The usual reason for a Double-Click not working is that you MUST keep the mouse perfectly still as you do the Double-Click (AND do it fast enough!)

Single Left-Click
If you are using the “Quick Launch” Menu on the bottom left of your Taskbar, then these are always just a Single Left-Click …. If you Double-Click then you will Open the Program TWICE! If you are Clicking on a “Pull-Down”  Menu or selecting an Item from the List displayed, then it is always a Single Left-Click. Likewise if you are using the Shutdown Icon (Bottom left  hand corner of screen)

General Rules
If you are not sure, try a Single Left-Click and if nothing happens then give it a Double-Click

Especially if you are in the Internet, make sure that the Computer is not working/thinking behind the scenes before you start to Click indiscriminately .… you will only get it confused and jam things up! …. this is known as “Clicking Willy-Nilly” (Well that’s what I call it). Look out for an Egg-Timer, a Spinning  Disc or a  Green Progress Bar along the bottom showing that it is doing something!

Single Right-Click
Right-Click on the Mouse is normally used to bring up a Menu of further Options rather than to Select something. For instance, instead of Double Left-Clicking an Icon to Open it (If you are not too good at Double-Clicking) you can Right-Click on it and then Left-Click on “Open” from the List displayed.

As I said at the beginning, “Eventually,  you just get to know!”

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Best Wishes,
John (PC Senior)


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