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Computer Fun Stuff - What it’s all about!

Fifty Plus Stuff

A feast of On-Line Mags & Web Sites of interest to the ‘More Mature’ students!
Like the On-Line “Mature Times” Newspaper which you can pick up in the Public Libraries;


Sending an E-Card

If you are on the last minute and have forgot to post off that important Card OR you just want to send someone a ‘Get Well’ or a ‘Thank You’ Card .... Click here do do it safely without the worry of receiving Junk Mail for your trouble!

Local History/News

Checkout/Research Local History and News in your Club Area


Checkout your Ancestry BUT watch out, it’s addictive and can be costly when you start digging deep!

(DOWNLOAD and start writing your very own/simple FAMILY BOOK)


Don’t lose sight of your Parenting Skills BUT the Electronic Baby Sitter DOES have its’ uses!

A good selection of Games, Puzzles and Colouring Sheets

Games, Puzzles & Jigsaws

Keep yourself amused with FREE on-line Games & Puzzles

Online News & Newspapers (Mostly Free Of Charge)

Keep up-to-date with the latest News or take a look at the National News Papers OR your more local Hometown Paper

You can even search for Foreign Newspapers

Windows FUN

58 things to do on your Computer to get the most out of it.

Checkout a few Informational Videos and Print Out a few Worksheets on ‘How To Do It’

Treat Yourself To A Night Out

Checkout your Local Cinema or London Theatres

Online Computer Mags (LOADS OF HINTS & TIPS)

With the average Computer Magazine costing nearly a FIVER, you can’t afford NOT to checkout these Free Mags On-Line! You’ll find a wealth of Information and Free Downloads etc

FunStuff-OnlineTV FunStuff-OnlineRadio

Watch TV or Listen to Radio On-Line

Catch up on those TV/Radio Programmes you missed during the week OR just listen to Radio

Programmes while you work - all for free using your existing Computer/Broadband Connection

FREE Worksheet (Getting started - Cables & Connections etc)

Lucky Dip

Web Sites

Lucky Dip


50+ Stuff

Music While You Work

There are many ways to Listen to and/or Download Music on-line, it depends what you want! The PC Senior Worksheet for it is quite long and it is suggested that you have a Home Visit (1.5hrs) to get you up and running!

BUT try the Links shown or Download an APP for them if you have an iPAD or Android Tablet

Spotify: Simply Register to Search for and Stream Music on-line FREE but with Ads or pay Premium to be Ad-Free!

Amazon MP3: Search for and listen to Samples of Music before you Purchase/Download it to Computer or the Cloud!
(Similar to iTunes which you normally Download to your Computer BUT it will run on Android Tablets whereas iTunes wont!)