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Online Radio Programmes


To listen to Radio on your Laptop is VERY  simple as you just need to Login to the particular Web Site and choose what you want to listen to (i.e. No need for any extra Cables etc). When you have the program you like, Minimise the Window onto your Taskbar, adjust the Volume and carry on doing other things with it playing away in the background.

You can catch up on Radio programmes you have missed during the week using your normal Computer & Broadband connection. Unlike the TV Links, the Radio which you listen to can be repeats from the last 7 days or so OR it may be Live!

This is THE ONE to make a start with - catch up on Radio Programmes you’ve missed over the last 7 days or just browse to view something you fancy listening to!

OR Checkout all the BBC Radio Stations including Local Regional ones at

NOTE: Checkout what’s on the Radio/TV with the tried and trusted Radio Times

Choose a “Genre” you want to listen to (Folk, Rock, Classical, Easy Listening etc) then have it play in the background as you get on with your work .... i.e. Minimise it when you have got it playing at the right volume!

You can even try/play Radio Stations from your Home Country or if you are learning a language


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