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Computer Fun Stuff - Genealogy

Checkout your Ancestry BUT watch out, it’s addictive and can be costly when you start digging deep!

Use your computer as a tool for research, organizing data or printing reports and charts etc

BUT most fun is in contacting living relatives or like minded people interested in what you are doing

My brother has had many happy hours looking around graveyards (he’s sad!)


Click Here for a List of Useful Genealogy Links
Links to a large number of useful Links which we have collected together to help you in your research (HAVE FUN)

Do you enjoy the BBC Programme ‘Who do you think you are?’

Click on the picture to view past episodes

To get lots of Help/Information to get you started with your Family History search, look at the Archive Section at the bottom BUT they do say that it is no longer being updated. With this in mind, you may be best to print out any useful stuff.

Research (British Library 19th Century Newspapers)

View/research various old Newspapers 1800-1900 on-line courtesy of the British Library

(Some Free Content but other articles are pay to view)

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Click Here to DOWNLOAD and start writing your very own/simple FAMILY BOOK

To get yourself started with your new hobby - KEEP IT SIMPLE - and don’t go back too far to start with! Concentrate more on getting the facts for recent  family members and writing a nice story which will be interesting to living family/friends and to future generations. Remember, we are a nosy lot and want to know all about your past life and how you got to where you are today!

Use the Downloaded Word Document as a guide, changing it and adding pages as your project takes you. Use all your Word Processing/Editing Skills but basically HAVE FUN and share what you have done with Family & Friends.