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Pass a pleasant evening with a JIGSAW from the National Geographic Magazine

Most of the puzzles here can be done in about 10 minutes (it tells you how you long you have taken) but you can make them a lot harder by making the pieces smaller and having to turn them around to fit. If you do the puzzles just as they come up without changing the difficulty, then the pieces are all the right way round, you just click and drag. There are a lot of different pictures to choose from and also other types of puzzles too. The slide puzzle is another good one but you need quite a lot of patience!

Puzzles, Word Games & Crosswords similar to the popular Puzzler Magazine

Recommended by the Saga Web Site as their Puzzle Section was not available when I last checked!

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Good selection of JigSaws to pass the time with - No Bells & Whistles but you get to set the number of pieces/difficulty (Start with 6 just to get the hang of it)

TIP: Hold down your CTRL Key and Tap “+” a few times to Magnify the board and eliminate Ads;

then CTRL and “-” to shrink it again; CTRL and “0” (Zero) to go back to 100% Size   

Easter Jigsaw