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Sending an E-Card .... Safe as houses!!!

If you are on the last minute and have forgot to post off that important Card OR you just want to send someone a “Get Well” or a “Thank You” Card .... I can’t recommend highly enough the Jacquie Lawson Site:

There are other Sites which are Free BUT, give them your email Address and wait for the Junk Mail! With the Jacquie Lawson Site, you do need to pay On-Line for an Annual Membership (£6.50 for the year) but you WON’T receive Junk Mail in the future and you can send as many as you like!


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Have a Personalised Card POSTED for you from £3.49

Try the well advertised  which does gifts etc as well. It’s good fun and you can include your own Photos OR Snap one from your WebCam. BUT I can’t see an option to send the card on a certain date, so you might need to do it a few days before the event (You can also send abroad)