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Sending an E-Card .... Safe as houses!!!

If you are on the last minute and have forgot to post off that important Card OR you just want to send someone a “Get Well” or a “Thank You” Card .... I can’t recommend highly enough the Jacquie Lawson Site:

There are other Sites which are Free BUT, give them your email Address and wait for the Junk Mail! With the Jacquie Lawson Site, you do need to pay On-Line for an Annual Membership (£6.50 for the year) but you WON’T receive Junk Mail in the future and you can send as many as you like!


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Have a Personalised Card POSTED from £1.99 .... WELL Plus P&P 60p (But still pretty good value)

Try the “Tried and Trusted”  Marks and Spencer Personalised Cards  for all occasions  
The well advertised  which does gifts etc as well. It’s good fun and you can include your own Photos OR Snap one from your WebCam. BUT I can’t see an option to send the card on a certain date, so you might need to do it a few days before the event (You can also send abroad)


Your Virtual Christmas Card Download it, Print it, Fold it and then Send off your own personalised Christmas Card

Simply Left Mouse Click on the Picture on the Right to Download the PDF File and then Print it (You may have to move your Mouse Pointer towards the bottom to see the Printer Icon) …. Then you can Fold it over in two directions, sign it and send it!

PCSeniorChristmasCard.pdf PCSeniorChristmasCard.pdf

Your PC Senior Christmas Card