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Useful Links

Web Sites Tutorials of interest to Computer Club Members

The following Web Sites all provide FREE Tutorials BUT do be careful of giving your main eMail Address to them - you may then start to receive unwanted Junk Mail! Set yourself up with a second Windows Live Hotmail Address which you can use for such occasions!

The Dell Site offers a couple of FREE Basic Introductions - just Click on “Free Courses Available Now!”

Windows Vista Overview .... Goes through the changes from Windows XP

Office 2007 .... If you’ve just moved up to this Version from Office 2000 etc then you may well be LOST when looking for Menu Options!

This should help BUT it is a bit long winded!

NOTE: DON’T put a Tick in the box for “Opt In for Dell Special Offers etc”

The good old BBC Site will show you how to use the Mouse, Keyboard and Screen in a Fun/Interactive way

Makes a change from playing the Windows Game “Solitaire” (Another great way to learn how to use the Mouse!)

Another good BBC Site which will show you everything you need to know about eMail & the Internet in a Fun/Interactive way

NEW BBC Site - RAW Computer Skills for Everyday Life .... Give it a try (It’s for beginners!)

And it’s not just computers!

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Windows FUN

58 things to do on your Computer to get the most out of it.

Checkout a few Informational Videos and Print Out a few Worksheets on “How To Do It”